Lolly Lynn Walton

I was involved in a boating accident in 2010 resulting in the loss my pinky finger and significant nerve damage to my entire right hand. Albert (my husband) continued to encourage me and when I mentioned working in clay might help, we bought our first bag of clay. That was in 2014. I began hand sculpting pieces and met Mike Craven who fired the pieces for me. I apprenticed with Mike working and learning at his shop and participating in various pottery shows.  

While doing the shows I met and became friends with Freda Wiley and David Meaders. I began to work with David in 2017. Working with him has been a journey in itself and I’ve very much enjoyed our time together. His guidance and knowledge have been invaluable and I am so grateful. I’ve had the pleasure to work with so many other wonderful artists including; Dal Burchall, Steve Turpin, Rex Hogan and Dwayne Crocker. -Lolly Lynn Walton

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