The seeds of the gallery began while observing people as they contemplated entering a traditional gallery. Many people just did not look comfortable in what appeared to be unfamiliar territory. When the decision was made to open a gallery, we wanted to create an atmosphere where our vistors felt warm and welcomed. We chose to display art in an informal way, more like they way you live in your home. To that end, we used color on the walls, real furniture and lots of ambient lighting. After all, few people live in a home with stark walls, display podiums and spotlights. 

We offer art that is visually pleasing, even happy in nature. No goth or deep thinking here. You're going to live with your purchase, so it might as well make you feel good when you walk into a room. 

Another goal is to make original art available to the beginner collector. As your tastes and life experiences evolve, you will become more focused in the art you choose to collect. Simply, what attracts your attention in your twenties is quite likely different than the art that appeals to you in your forties. Our selection allows you to find a place to begin, without a high price that will marry you to the piece for years to come. 

The natural outcome of this philosophy leads us to artists who are at the beginning of their careers. These artists are passionate about their work and desire, more than anything, to have their work hanging in someone's home. At this time in their development, they are more interested in showing and selling their work than receiving large commissions. 

So, we have the perfect combination; a place where both the beginning collector and artist have a chance to benefit from each other. 

Many of the gallery's artists are from the local area, with others added to create variety. It is our sincere hope that our artists will be discovered and move on to a wider audience. We also hope the new collector will feel encouraged to explore the visual arts and become more comfortable with their collecting decisions. 

And Now a Word About Our Other Offerings...

Aside from our original wall art and pottery, we are always looking for the unique. We have artist created sun catchers, jewelry, and yes, even magnets. Many times, these are get-them-when-you-see-them items. 

As always, we would love to have you stop by our gallery and see firsthand the unique and one of a kind pieces from local artists we highlight in our gallery. 

And now, we have expanded to include a sandwich, dessert and coffee shop in a gallery-like setting. The pictures on the wall, the serving dishes, and yes - the tables and lights are all available for sale.