Sugar Post

SugarPost fredweldingYou'€™d think Fred Conlon was raised by negligent parents out back of a junk yard with 18 pitbulls and a make-believe friend named Krull. And yet maybe the truth explains more about this college-educated Rocky Mountain high artist than you'€™d think.

 For starters, Mom and Dad brought him up in a small ski town nestled in the stunning mountains of colorful Colorado, a place called Steamboat Springs. Upon graduation from the University of Utah with a degree in Public Communication, Fred'€™s dream was to open up a pottery shop (can you say, "What?!"). But with his family’s support and a bout 15 credits in pottery classes under his belt, Sugar Post Pottery celebrated its grand opening in October 1998.
Sugar Post gets its name from its neighborhood in Salt Lake City's €”Sugar House ”and its original location across the street from the post office. In 1999, after the first army helmet turtle was created, Sugar Post Potter & Metal headed in the direction of fulltime metal production. A change of location and the addition of a separate metal facility brought about many new additions to the metal line of creatures, as well as custom projects for both functional use and the purely artistic.

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