Mary Proctor

Mary Proctor 200

“Missionary” Mary started her art studio in her roadside junk shop in south Leon County, Florida, in 1995. In 2011, Proctor opened the American Folk Art Museum and Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida. Told by God that “the door is the way,” she began to paint on an old door lying in her yard. In February of 1996, “Mary L. Proctor: The Door Paintings,” her second one-woman show, was presented at Tricia Collins-Grand Salon in New York’s Soho. 

Museums holding her work in their permanent collections include: The American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland (16 works); Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC; Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida; Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida; Morris Museum of Art, Augusta Georgia; Smithsonian Institution Anacostia Museum, and Center for African American History and Culture, Washington, DC. 

You can find Mary at the many festivals and shows she attends. Mary also owns and operates the American Folk Art Museum & Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida. If you’re ever in town, Mary would love to see you.