Nancy Kubale-Wicker

nancy kubale photoI am a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a friend, an artist. I am a woman of deep faith. My life and work have been, and continue to be, a spiritual journey.

My mixed media figures begin with hand building techniques in stoneware clay. I use a variety of finishes that include underglaze, latex and prismacolor. I frequently assemble them with both found and sculpted objects that further the message.

In a body of work there is a common thread of expression and exploration that binds it together. My sculptures question cultural norms and address moments of clarity and understanding, concepts of intent and purpose: the pursuit of Truth. Within the figures there is the visual message and the deeper meaning. The use of metaphors such as windows, wings, or ladders express ambiguity, determination and aspiration. I am intrigued by what we think, do and say, by who we are and how we live - primarily at the soul level. - Nancy Kubale-Wicker

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