Lisa and Scott Cylinder began collaborating on jewelry pieces in 1988. Both are schooled jewelers and metalsmiths with over twenty six years experience. The ideas for our jewelry are derived from numerous sources; nature, modern art, folklore and pop culture, to name a few. We blend these influences into clever narratives and play-on-words. Conceptually our work may best be described as a hybrid of Picasso mixed with a Hanna-Barbera cartoon! 

Technically our jewelry pieces are made using simple, sometimes primitive processes. The construction of the work resembles tin toys from the first half of the 20th Century. It is intended to have a folk art appearance, rather than the look of a traditional piece of jewelry. 

Most importantly, the work is a collaboration on many levels; a blend of inspirations and sources; a blend of observation and imagination; a blend of two people’s ideas and techniques. We believe our jewelry is very accessible due to its humorous, narrative nature, and the viewer’s need to interact with the piece for its story to be told.

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