Kluttz Chicken King 19x24 WP879

South Carolina artists Tim and Lisa Kluttz love bright colors! They utilize found, reclaimed and recycled materials to create happy, colorful and sometimes whimsical art work.  Tim is the ultimate collector and recycler so there is never a shortage of materials.  The couple’s styles are complimentary and favorite subjects are cats, flowers, dogs, chickens, mermaids and the Statue of Liberty.  Their work can be found in galleries and at art shows throughout the Southeast and of course at their home studio, St. Peter’s Farm.

Created on a piece of recycled board, and then framed in a brightly painted found frame. 19.25" wide, 24" long and 1" thick. Image area is 15.5" x 19.5".

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Ships for $25 (it's the size....and I have probably guessed low). We ship with insurance and tracking number so you know it's coming and we know it got there. This baby ships alone. Costs more to ship to Canada, and probably cost prohibitive.

Model: WP879


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