Annie Becker

Annie Becker web photoI love rusty, metal junk. Like a kid in a candy store, looking at it actually makes me happy. How the colors change and combine. How they move through the piece creating an intense overlay, the patina adding a spectacular dimension of character. And the pieces below the rust and patina? Solid, imperfect, heavy, historical, advertising with a story to tell. Finding the right combination of weights, shapes, colors and character takes contemplation and a bit of a different perspective. But when it all comes together, it’s no longer junk- it’s a treasure. 

My work has been highlighted in a collaborative project of The Society Of Green Arts and has been accepted into a number of annual juried art shows including the May Show at Lakeland Community College and was awarded 3D 1st Place for Body of Work at the Fairmount Center for the Arts. Currently my work is for sale in four galleries in the United States. -Annie Becker

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