LaMonthe Mouse with Stick DDG3 SOLD

Back Story: A most lovely woman in Knoxville, TN made the tough decision to close her gallery. WE made contact, and I was able to acquire several pieces of Lisa's pottery. And so here we are: Mouse with mouse on a stick This piece is 15" tall, with the base bottom 4.25" in diameter. PLEASE READ: There is a chip of paint off of the tail and shown in the detail photos. The pottery itself is not chipped, just a piece of the paint. It does not take away from the mouse, and if he is sitting on a shelf, no one would know - but I need you to be aware of it BEFORE you purchase. Recognizing this, we have discounted the piece. All pottery is shipped double boxed for safety. This one will be $20. If it's less, we'll credit you after shipping has been determined. If it's more - well that's on us. Note: our packaging isn't pretty. We recycle shipping boxes and packaging materials to keep our cost to you in check.

Model: DDG3

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