Sugar GBG Wine Sloppy Frog Stand RD1389 DS

Sugar Post critters are made in Salt Lake City, Utah. All items are handmade from recycled scrap metal and vintage World War II military surplus. Most items are made from 100% post consumer waste or surplus. Some incorporate factory "seconds", or mis-cuts. All products are welded, plasma cut and assembled in the studio, and every product is signed by the artist.

More from the wacky guys at Sugar Post. Guys - if the lady in your life is hesitant about adding one of Fred's pieces to her decor, then bring home something that has both form and function. Like this wine bottle holder. And he is literally a bottle holder. Affectionately name "Sloppy Frog,"  he's had a little too much wine, and that's probably an e-cigarette in his hand.

We don't have one sitting on the shelf just now but Sugarpost will drop ship. We'll let you know when it ships or if you need to know in advance of ordering the estimated turnaround time, just ask us. Measures about 10" tall and 13" wide. You'll have to provide your own bottle of economical wine. 

Ships for $20. We ship with a tracking number so you know it's coming and we know it got there.  Ships to Canada for $55. Difference charged after checkout.

Model: RD1389

This item is ineligible for purchase with a coupon.
Note: Dropship items require time to manufacture, so deliveries can be delayed three weeks or more.

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