Henderson Erwin-Penland Original CWP1190

For a couple of years, Charles utilized a stairwell in the building next door as his informal studio. there, he would work on his paintings as well as offer his work to the public. Sadly, the space is no longer available to him so we have brought his work into the gallery.

We like to think of Charles as our historian. He has made the surrounding buildings subjects of his art work. He paints what he sees. If there is a traffic light, a sign, or tree in front of a building - he will include it in his painting. His originals are very detailed, and have many, many coats of pant resulting in a finished piece that almost looks like it was painted with acrylics. He painstakingly draws the lines in each brick with pencil.

This is an original watercolor with the Erwin-Penland Advertising building as the subject. Measurements including the matting is 18"W x 15"L. The image area is about 11.5" x 9".

PHOTOGRAPHY NOTE: I have taken the photographs with Charles's protective covering in place. This creates a bit of a challenge because of the glare.

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Model: CWP1190


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