Valdes 4x4 Smiley - Sketchy WP1023

"I truly believe that graphic design can change the world around us and it often does. Good design leads to changes in culture both good and bad. I try to explain to students that the work they create in class is most powerful when they have carefully researched their topic, which usually leads to an examination of how this will affect others or how their work will be perceived by others. With technology today, everything can be shared across the world instantly so the best design reflects universal ideas and visual language to communicate in a responsible manner." - Marius Valdes

What's a Smiley? Well, it a little piece of a big open mouth grin. You look at it tucked away on a shelf or wall and it makes you smile. Measures 4" x 4". They are 1.5" deep, gallery wrapped canvas. If not signed on the front, the signature is on the backside (photo example).

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Model: WP1023

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