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More than an assemblage artist, John Richards of Yummy Mud Puddle fame is also a maker of lights. Whimsical lights that light up the night with humor.John was born in 1936 (gosh he looks good for an old man) in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin (where the @%#* is that?). His mother was an artist & his father a writer. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he moved to Chicago IL, Glens Falls NY, Pelham Manor NY & Saint Just Puerto Rico by the time he was ten.
He received a BA in English from Union College in Schenectady NY & taught English, Spanish & Art for four long years. In 1963 he quit his job, moved to NYC, took various courses at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and began his freelance Art career. He has been creatively unemployed ever since.Currently, his imagination runs wild in Burnsville, NC.

Sometimes a room needs a little light, and lots of personality. John's lamps will force a smile out of you 'cause they are just so darn much fun. Presented for your amusement, a dog. Created with vinyl-ized (is that really a word?) paper over a wire frame. Really a sculpture that happens to light up. U.L. approved lighting fixture. Cord off and on switch. Every sculpture is handmade & therefore unique. Something really cool for the dog people.

Measures about 17.5" tall to top of tail, 17" to top of head. Body is about 12" long. About 19" wide and 6" deep. I took a bunch of photos, including some that will show John's witty musings.

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Ships for $30, double-boxed for safety, and all by itself. We ship this guy FedEx with a tracking number and insurance so you know it's coming and we know it got there. Requires signature on delivery unless you specifically request otherwise.

Model: FL353

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