Rewind Vintage Watch Movement Cuff RJB237

The artist behind REWIND, Carlos Montanaro (Indio, CA, is fascinated by the inner workings of vintage timepieces. He embraces a castaway old timepiece and painstakingly restores its luster creating jewelry that is both old and new. While the finished piece may not keep time, we are reminded that quality craftsmanship is timeless.

The focal is a non-working Mor Wallingford Conn handmade Cival War key wind watch movement. The thick leather strap is fashioned from an old belt. Strap is 1.75" wide. Movement is 1.75" diameter. The length from the center of the snaps is 7.5". At this point, it might be helpful to measure a snap cuff that fits you the way you like to see if this one would fit. I measured from the center of each side of the snap.

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Model: RJB237


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