Mark Williams

Mark WilliamsMark "The Other Brother" Williams is a self taught artist who has been working in various mediums for over 25 years. He began his incredible journey into the arts working with wood and acrylics and now is offering his unique creations made from clay. His "folk" pottery mainly consists of face jugs, bottles, wind chimes, fish bottles and sculpture. Mark’s incredible sculptures include; little people, angels, devils, crabs, masks and wall hangings, which are made by altering wheel thrown forms and then firing in oxidation.

Past Achievements:
  • Commissions for Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (awards)
  • Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Birdhouse Art fest...1st Place Live Auction 5 Straight Years
  •  Atlanta Habitat for Humanity Birdhouse Art fest, 1999 (10th anniversary) The Spirit of Habitat Award

Mark worked with Watkins Realty, in Atlanta, designing and making the artwork for the 3 "Kid Village" shopping centers in the Atlanta Metro area from 1996 to 2001. The first center in Alpharetta won an International Award for design in 1996.

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