Stas Pear Mug DP665

Jennifer Stas pottery work is made of mid-range stoneware clay. Each piece is handbuilt or thrown (no molds are used, so size, shape, and renderings may vary slightly). After a bit of drying, images are drawn and painted on using colored slips, underglazes, and stains. Then, using a small loop tool, these layers are carved through revealing the underlying clay body--a technique called sgraffito. After a bisque fire and more stains and oxides, a shiny glaze is poured on the inside surfaces and fired a final time to around 2200°. The finished pots are safe for food, microwave, dishwasher.

Pear Mug
Jennifer's mugs are a delight to hold in your hand. Since each piece is individually made I found it most prudent to photograph a representation of her work residing here in the gallery. Measurements vary slightly from mug to mug, but average 5.5" tall. The bottom base is about 2.5" diameter. The opening across the top is about 3". The interior glaze is green. The color of the front and back pear are different (see detail photos).

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Model: DP665

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