Teyros Vase Sonia DP933 DS

A few years ago while working in my booth at the BMAC in Philadelphia I was approached by a fellow ceramic artist who was working on a ceramic book and asked if I would like to submit pictures of my work for inclusion in the project. I was to include my philosophy, exploration of the design development, elemental qualities, visual challenges, etc. I grasped the gentleman by the shoulders, turned him to face my booth and asked him “Does this look like the work of someone with deep thoughts?” - Cindy

As for my philosophy it is very simple. I love what I do and do what I love.

Although the pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, their delicate nature practically mandates hand washing as a preferred cleaning method. It also begs the question - what are you serving in a vase?

Shadow vases are the shape of a vase, but they have a flat front and a small hole opening in the back so they can be hung. Perfect for limited space, and satisfies the longing for fresh flowers in the room. When hanging, the vase appears to be floating. Also perfect for the desk or table....just sitting there.

"Sonia" is 7" tall, 7" wide and 2.5" deep.
Measurements were taken across the tallest and widest points.

SOLD but Cindy will drop ship. Please be aware that each piece is an individual, though the look and feel will be similar, and, there will be time between order and shipment depending on the number of orders Cindy has at the time of order. 
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Ships double boxed for $12. We ship with insurance and a tracking number so you know it's coming and we know it got there. In the event you order more than one item during a visit, and they will all travel safely together, we'll credit your card the difference between what our cart automatically charges per item and the actual combined shipping. Credit applied after checkout and once package is prepared.

Model: DP933

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Note: Dropship items require time to manufacture, so deliveries can be delayed three weeks or more.

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