Yardbirds Swinging Moose C355 SOLD

For me, creating Yardbirds® turns work into fun! Each Yardbird® is unique, whimsical, and guaranteed to bring pleasure to its owner. A Yardbird® is a great conversation piece; many people have fun identifying the parts I cleverly use to make them and they marvel at the way a simple tilt of a head can give a sculpture so much personality. All Yardbirds® are proudly HANDCRAFTED in KENTUCKY! I believe the things that make us happiest in life when we obtain them are not always the necessities, but usually the things that we do not need make us the happiest. And that’s what Yardbirds® are all about- happiness! - Richard

Since they are made from recycled materials each bird or critter is slightly imperfect, but lovable all the same. All of our Junkyard Dogs & Cats are bare metal and naturally rust with age -- that'€™s their beauty. As we say, "They rust, but they'€™ll never run away."

This guy is meant to hang from your tree. But if you don't have one, hang it in the porch. Measures 8.5" tall from the foot to the top of the antlers, 5.5" wide. There is 11" of hanging chain. Shipping will be $9.00. Does not ship to Canada.

Model: C355

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