EngineNewIty Roller Bearing Piranha RD1268 SOLD

Engine-New-Ity® (Pronounced: Ingenuity) is a clever, original and inventive line of unique sculpture. These copyrighted pieces are created using the inventiveness and creativity that comes from good old fashioned American ingenuity, inspiration from the industrial/steampunk style that has become so popular in the art world and the eco-friendly art of upcycling.  Sculptures are designed and made in the USA out of virtually 100% recycled/upcycled engine and transmission parts. These parts include clutch plates, gears, planetary gears and much more...

Due to the nature of Rich’s relationship with the local transmission & engine rebuilder, he gets the parts they consider reject & scrap (which always changes). Although he may have designed a piece with a clutch plate or gear in mind, the ability to get the same parts from month to month may change. The general design and essence of the piece will remain, but the individual pieces that make up the details may vary. This only adds to the uniqueness of the piece and means Uncle Jake’s large mouth bass may not be exactly like yours.

This is a roller bearing small piranha. Total height is 8.5". Fish is 4.25" tall and 6.5" long. Base is 4" diameter. You receive the fish pictured in the detail photos.

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Model: RD1268

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