LaMonthe Studio Unsigned Face DDG10

Back Story: A most lovely woman in Knoxville, TN made the tough decision to close her gallery. We made contact, and I was able to acquire several pieces of Lisa's pottery. And so here we are: PLEASE READ: All we know about this piece is that it came from Lisa's studio. It is not signed, and I can't find Lisa's mark on it. We think it may be the work of Gail Namirr who shared studio space with Lisa for a while. This piece measures 16" tall and is 13" wide. All pottery is shipped double boxed for safety. This one will be $25. Note: our packaging isn't pretty. We recycle shipping boxes and packaging materials to keep our cost to you in check.

This will not be shipped out of the U.S.

Model: DDG10

$199.00 $99.00
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