DaNisha Roadrunner "Dash" Lidded Sculpture DP1018

International Canadian artists Nisha and Dan Ferguson knew as children they would be artists. Both were fascinated with drawing since the age of three. Both answered without hesitation, when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, “Artist!”

When you hear people speak of DaNisha Sculpture you will hear the words optimism, excitement, innocence, wonder, and awe. These descriptions accurately reflect the source of a vision held since childhood. Neither Dan nor Nisha ever wavered from their early vision to be artists. Nisha, an accomplished acrobat and choreographer, may once have been tempted to run away and join the circus, but she founded the successful performance troop in Ontario known as “Gravityworks,” and realized she could incorporate a long held fascination for the circus into her life and art. In San Miguel de Allende Mexico Nisha reformed and trained a new group which performs around the state of Guanajuato to this day.

Lidded Container Sculpture
These small sculptures are becoming collectable among DaNasha fans. They have a lidded body and lots of painting detail so your eyes will never tire of gazing upon it.
"Dash" road runner stands 6" tall and about 8" wide and 3." deep. You receive the piece pictured.

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Model: DP1018


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