Hickman Classic Hammered Rectangles JE1497

Emily is inspired by her love of water, primitive hand-forged jewelry, and Modernist pieces of the mid-century. There are always interesting design shapes and elements in Emily’s work, but the real signature has become her textures and finishes. Through hammering, her pieces take on a depth and uniqueness that can’t be achieved with a flat finish. Then when these hammered pieces are married with a high polished or brushed finish, they take on a whole new look and life. Emily’s HAMMERING WOMAN collection has become her noted style.

Those of you who see me crouched over the side of the curb outside the gallery know the photography set up I have. Nothing fancy. I like the natural light. Emily's earrings are so reflective it is a little difficult to capture the hammered details in the work. It tends to show up best on the real close shots of the earrings.

Sterling silver hammered rectangles (shiny finish) are .75" long and .5" wide.

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Model: JE1497


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