Singerman Divine Romance JE1521

When people first examine the lightweight, colorful jewelry from Singerman & Post the first question is always “What are they made of?” The colors have an unusual saturation and people swear they are made of metal, but the pieces are too lightweight to be titanium, the usual best guess.

The jewelry is actually made by laminating together very thin layers of different types of brushed aluminum and gold finish plastic materials (films, mylar, vinyl). Patterned top layers, designed by Leni Singerman, are film photo transfers of her artwork: watercolors, collages,pastels, drawings and photographs. Individual pieces are hand cut, beaded and twisted in the studio to form sculptural shapes that are feather light and comfortable to wear.

Ear wires and posts are made of sterling silver or gold filled. The colorful finishes are durable, but it is best to avoid solvents or water. Clean by using a soft cloth or a polishing cloth.

Divine Romance
Measure 2" long from the center of the ear wire curve. Design is 1.75" long and 1" wide. Gold filled hooks.

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Model: JE1521

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