Sherry Tinsman

Sherry Tinsman photoI have been a jeweler for 21 years. I work out of my beautiful studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This area is so inspiring to me as nature is my main inspiration. I live right on the Delaware river in a quaint little village called Lumberville with my husband, our two beautiful daughters, and a cute little Cockapoo named Po. My husband's family came to this area in the 1850’s and they never left. I can see why. It reminds me of England, where I was born. My heritage also inspires me and living here, energizes me and allows my passion to flow freely, to design and create the distinctive spirals and flowers that characterize my work.

When I design and fabricate my jewelry, I keep quality, comfort and creativity a priority. I want my customers to feel good about themselves and connect with the piece. There certainly is a positive and energizing connection created when the customer finds the right piece of jewelry. That’s what I’m all about!

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