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Seeka jewelry begins with a precision cut stainless steel frame. Within this frame, the design is hand painted with acrylics, metallic pastes and other water based paints. A variety of materials from metals and glass to dyed organic seeds and found objects are assembled within. Semi-precious stones, and Swarovski crystals are embedded and a thick layer of acrylic resin is poured to encase and protect the finished piece. Finally, after several days of curing, the piece is polished, twisted, glued and assembled with other items to form the finished work of art.

Peace Dove Necklace
Pendant is 1" long and 2" wide. Presented on a 18" plated chain.

Photo note: My "studio" is the curb outside the gallery. I photograph in natural light. I'm not a professional. You should know that steel is difficult for me to photograph and often looks more black in the photos than I'd like. The steel is really like an aluminum color.

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Model: JN1381

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