Cavender ERs Leaf Posts JE2155

Sarah Cavender Jewelry is comprised primarily of brass. We do use some copper braids as well. Our industrial knitted look is made of and iron /copper alloy or monel. All of our pieces are either plated or oxidized and then finished with a lacquer coating which seals as well as beautifies the jewelry. The colors are hand applied with tints and bronze powders in lacquer, all hand mixed and artfully applied.

Mesh Leaf Earrings - Post
 These simple, yet classy earrings measure 1.5" long from top to bottom. The filigree ring is 10/16" diameter. The leaf is 1.25" long and .75" wide. Color is antique brass with avocado. 

Photo note: Our model's ear lobes are actually holes drilled into the side of her head. That said, post earrings really don't "sit well" with her. I photographed them nevertheless so you had an idea of the scale compared to a head.

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Model: JE2155


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