Petrey Earrings Kaleidoscope Purple & Lime JE3713

Peggy Petrey's abstract jewelry is created in much the same manner as her mixed media work. In this instance, she begins with discarded license plates onto which she layers enamel colors and then exposes the rough segments of each layer to create a wonderful explosion of abstract color. Every single piece is a one-of-a-kind piece. You will not see your exact necklace or earring on anyone else. Even the earrings you wear will not be identical to each other. Created in Tennessee.

Fair Warning!! If you are the sort of person that needs earrings to match each other - probably best to move on to a different artist. Thdimensional earrings measure 1.75" long as measured from the center of the earwire curve. The outside disc is 1.25" long and almost 1" across the widest part.

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Ships for $5. Ships to Canada for $33. Not a misprint. Ships international priority flat rate box. Difference charged after checkout prior to shipping.

Model: JE3713


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