JL Merrill Copper/Silver Spikey Crescent JN1737

"I specialize in mixed metal jewelry and accessories using steel, Argentium silver, sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper. I also make a wide variety of forged, functional steel objects; knives, tools, tables, railings, stools, and hardware. Through forging, fusing, soldering, welding, cutting, drilling and riveting, I create contemporary pieces inspired by ancient designs. Also included in my work are natural elements such as  bones, seeds, stones, feathers and quills as well as elements from found objects such as clock parts and gadgets found on the ground." - Asheville artist Julie Merrill

Spikey Crescent Necklace
Copper and silver necklace. Crescent is 2" from tip to tip. Just over .5" wide in the middle. 18" length, plus an additional 1" extension chain. Please use the photos of our life size, though limbless model to have an idea of where it falls when worn. Chain is oxidized silver.

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Model: JN1737


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