Hsu Tukor Earrings JE3949 SOLD

Beginning with mill-finish aluminum, HSU Styudios texture and anodize all of the metal before creating the pieces. The texturing is done by impressing fabrics into aluminum sheet with a rolling mill. Anodizing is an electrochemical process of oxidizing and dyeing the surface of the metal, providing an infinite array of colors. Due to environmental concerns and safety, all of Hsu anodizing is done off-site by a family-run business a few hours away. There are 18 specific colors that they do to Hsu specifications.

Tukor (mirror in Hungarian) earrings are 1.5" long, measured from the center of the ear wire curve. The design is just over 1" long and .5" wide. Silver, aqua, red and black. Sterling silver hooks.

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Model: JE3949

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