Chagnon Ring Valupi Taupe JR287

Anne-Marie Chagnon’s jewelery is made from several different types of quality materials. You’ll find pewter, glass, ceramics, bone, resin, stainless steel and wood in her creations. Of course, other materials may find their way into her work, if the artist feels so inspired. As all raw materials are carefully handmade, it is normal to find some imperfections, or a better word might be character.

This "super-sized" ring is about 1.75" long and just about 1.75" wide at the front. Adjustable band/shank is .5" at the back. The little painting is rendered in black and white. Ring is adjustable (by the person who purchases it).

Photo notes: It is so much fun to take photos of Anne Marie's pieces because they have so many interesting angles, so I take a lot. My hope is that you will have a more complete idea of the pieces than if I only presented one shot.

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Model: JR287

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