Chagnon Bracelet Vito 01 HUGE JB505

Anne-Marie Chagnon’s jewelery is made from several different types of quality materials. You’ll find pewter, glass, ceramics, bone, resin, stainless steel and wood in her creations. Of course, other materials may find their way into her work, if the artist feels so inspired. As all raw materials are carefully handmade, it is normal to find some imperfections, or a better word might be character.

This super chunky bracelet is not for the timid. About 3" wide. The center front has 3 large round textured pewter pieces, 1.5" diameter, from which sprout tubular pieces of pewter (on elastic) and topped with donut shaped beads in green and turquoise. The skinny pewter sticks are 1.75" long. There is also a piece of glass in a dark mossy green. It is 2" long and almost 1" at the widest.  Elastic for a comfortable fit.

Photo notes: It is so much fun to take photos of Anne Marie's pieces, so I take a lot. Remember, when looking at the photos of the bracelet off a hand, that light is entering....which it does not when it is on your wrist - so look at the photos on the hands as well. Because there is a wealth of pewter, this is not what you would call a lightweight work bracelet, unless you're a rock star.

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Model: JB505

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