Chagnon Bracelet Eloiza 07 JB445

Anne-Marie Chagnon’s jewelery is made from several different types of quality materials. You’ll find pewter, glass, ceramics, bone, resin, stainless steel and wood in her creations. Of course, other materials may find their way into her work, if the artist feels so inspired. As all raw materials are carefully handmade, it is normal to find some imperfections, or a better word might be character.

From the Ove collection, woven around the themes of childbirth, harmony and love. Offering round open shapes, coiling around each other, and rich, warm and enchanting materials.

This is another of Chagnon's signature big chunky bracelets. Width is 2". Elastic makes it comfortable for most wrists. The focal piece is a curved textured pewter piece, about 2" wide and 1.5" long. Atop it is a oval of dyed leather set in pewter. The oval is 1.75" long and 1" wide. In real life, the leather is a camel color, or as I sit looking at it - I tend to think cinnamon. But I'm hungry. Some of the photos have it with a little more red than it is.

The two pieces of 1" X 1.25" resin feature miniature oil and charcoal abstract paintings that gleam through the transparent resin. There are 2 dark purple glass pieces, 1.5" long and .75" wide. There are also 2 clear pieces with black random dots of the same dimensions. And, there are four, 1.5" long pewter sticks arranged side by side in 2 places on the bracelet.

Photo notes: It is so much fun to take photos of Anne Marie's pieces, so I take a lot. Remember, when looking at the photos of the bracelet off a hand, that light is entering....which it does not when it is on your wrist - so look at the photos on the hands as well.

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Model: JB445

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