Angel Multi Chain Basic RJN275B

Whether scouring the Deep-South or the World beyond Angela & Courtney are constantly in search of antique estate pieces and nontraditional objects to incorporate into their one-of–a-kind jewelry designs. Combining antique elements with modern ideals gives these jewels a romantic sensibility yet rock n roll edge. Each piece is handcrafted in their historic loft in the heart of downtown Meridian Mississippi. The Angel Court Jewels Collection has a vast national & international following as well as being featured in many renowned fashion publications. You can also see Angel Court Jewels adorning the necks & wrists of celebrities. All pieces are reconstructed using vintage chains and findings of various materials. That being said, I really can't tell you what makes up each piece other than the overall and usually obvious pieces. About the only thing that is new is the closure. If you have any type of sensisivity to any type of metal, then vintage is not in the cards for you. If, like me, you can stick a paperclip (just an example - I wouldn't actually do that) in your ear without a reaction, then today's your day. More About the Necklaces Here's the really exciting news! Angel Court designs are created with the idea that you can wear them as an individual piece, or if you're really into the now - layered. They are especially cool when presented to the world in multiples. Some people wear two - others three and four. Our model is difficult to work with - the most annoying trait being her lack of shoulders, so it's difficult to really show you the look. But your imagination might be sparked. Multi Chain Basic Now, with this one - you really have to imagine a model with shoulders and a body. This is another one of the great building pieces. Wear alone or paired with another Angel Court piece. The shortest of the 4 strands is 25". Ships for $5. We ship with a tracking number so you know it's coming and we know it got there. In the event you purchase more than one item during a visit, we will credit your card the difference between what our cart automatically charges per item and the actual combined shipping.

Model: RJN275B


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