Krause Ugly Face Cookie Mug CP581

Patrick H. Grills, a professor at Furman University, said; “Kate Krause’s work shows great skill, great humor and insight into the creative process. Tereasa Ray, a journalist with Greenville’s Metro Beat says; “Kate Krause’s work is artfully fun.” I want my work to make you smile and connect you with a fond memory.

A brand new addition to Kate's fun version of the ugly face jug....a ugly face cookie mug. So now you can fully justify your purchase of an ugly face mug to the rest of the family. Simply place your cookie on the lower section of the mug, fill the top with a hot beverage, and you're stylin'like a rock star.  Mugs average 6" tall, with 3" top opening. The bottom opening, where the cookie goes, is 2" tall and 3" wide on average.

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Model: CP581

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