Squeakie 14x11 Breaking Corn WP1266 SOLD

Squeakie paints constantly, producing a huge collection over the years. His subject matter includes naive paintings of barns, log cabins, farm buildings and houses; animals and birds; cotton pickers, tobacco croppers, flower pickers, sweetgrass cutters, cooks in the kitchen, ladies hanging out the week’s washing. He paints seascapes and boats, children and moms. Often, while sitting in the sweltering South Carolina heat, he will paint his usual buildings covered with snow in a perfect winter scene; he has never seen deep snow except in pictures.

Squeakie's paintings residing at the gallery are all painted with acrylic on board. Personally, I think they look great with a simple non glossy aluminum frame that hugs the sides. I like black because it "fades" into the background, allowing the painting to be the focal point.

This painting is 14" wide x 11" long.

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Model: WP1266

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