Jerri Gray

Long Story Short
My name is Jerri Gray. I was raised in Travelers Rest, SC. I’m a country girl to my heart, but I love traveling. I’m a single mom to a soon-to-be 20 year old son. You may recall our story story as detailed on CNN in May of 2009. (If you google my name, you’ll see our story.) My son was only 14 and weighed nearly 600 lbs, so DSS threatened to take him from me. I packed our things and left Greenville the day after being served. Not knowing a national Amber Alert had been issued,  we were found three days later in Baltimore, MD. That’s making a long story very short.

Even though my life began to spiral out of control a little voice came to me and convinced me to start painting and singing again. It did help take my mind off my painful dilemma. Painting became my greatest therapy allowing me, in my seclusion, to empty my thoughts and emotions into my art. Then combined with singing I began to heal. I sang songs that were a testimony of my life and reminded me that God never left me. He was simply waiting for me. Now both are my testimony. I share these God given talents with anyone who asks them of me.

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