Denny Maloney 11x16 Door Angel WP1310

Many of Denny Maloney's artworks have spiritual or religious references. A lot of pieces incorporate found and salvaged objects. Tin ceiling tiles and cupboard doors make frames for enamel pieces. 

Simplified explanation of the copper enamel process Denny self-perfected: Powdered glass is fired onto a solid plate at between 1350 and 1550 degrees which melts the glass onto the copper creating a glossy sand painting. He uses sifters, funnels and exacto knives to form a picture with the powdered glass.

This angel on a door measures 11" wide and 16.5" in length and .5" thick. The angel is about 9.5" tall and 6" wide. It has a wire for hanging.

Ships for $25. We ship with a tracking number and insurance. Does not ship outside the continental USA.

Model: WP1310


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