Ernest Lee 10x36 Chicken USC Grad OP93N

I've just returned from a visit with Ernest Lee with a bunch of new pieces. If you require additional photos before making a decision, please "Contact Us"

Those of you who know the work will understand measurements vary from panel to panel, as does the quality of the board used. Sometimes you'll find small blades of grass as part of the piece - not a purposeful addition - that's what happens as Ernest Lee paints and tosses his work to dry on the ground.

If you expect a pristine, perfectly straight and smoothly cut piece of wood, you may want to consider another artist. Just say'n.

On this visit there were not any "standard" sizes, so I have tried to group the pieces. The average size in this group is 10" wide and 36 to 36.5"" long and on thin wood. If the exact size is important to you, please contact us and we will measure the piece that interests you. I put the wood at 3/16". This painting will warp if not contained within a frame.

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Ships for $13. Should you purchase more than one item during a visit, we will credit your card with the difference between what the cart will charge you (per item) automatically and the actual combined shipping once the package is prepared and the amount known.

Model: OP93N


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