Mullanium Heart Box MO99 SOLD

Mullanium Wish Box Tiny, sure enough, but packed full of personality. Mullanium boxes are one of their most popular items. Each box is handpainted and riveted together. I'm sure you will agree that the artists have achieved their goal to create a light-hearted feeling in every design.

These boxes are collected, and those folks know the size. If you have not yet begun your would be a good time to pull out your measuring tape.

This is a non-footed box, 1.75" square, and standing .75" tall. This is a photo of the lid and interior of the actual box we have.

Can I put my pearls in this box?
Only if they're for your Barbie doll

Can I store my precious papers in it?

Can I store our photos in it?
Seriously? No.

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