Dog Bite Steel Bunny RD1433

"Oil tanks are costly to cut up and recycle so the scrap yards don’t want them. I began using oil tanks, water tanks and propane tanks to save money because the steel was so expensive. I soon realized what I was doing. The recycling had become part of my life.

The material has a lot of character and always tells a life story. It has a lot more to say than a big, expensive sheet of new grey steel. Some tanks have many layers and colors of paint on them from being painted over the years to match houses and cottages." - Jean Pierre Schoss, Dog Bite Steel

On my last trip to Canada, I came across the work of Dog Bite Steel and became a fan. I love the quirky sense of humor found in each piece and wanted to share a smile with you.

Long Ear Bunny
Comical bunny measures about 10" tall on a 4" wide base. You receive the bunny pictured.

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