Momo Glassworks

We ar e both auto-didacts. Our work with glass evolved out of a shared interest for art and Rosario’s practical experience after 2 years of studio work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is also the sum of our wanderings and cultural origins.

The technique behind the work is a complex process of painting the glass with enamel oxides, layering with metal inclusion such as copper and mica, and fusing the glass in a kiln. The majority of our enamels are “home-made” — that is, we mix raw metal oxides and frit them down, in the ages old way, with a porcelain mortar and pestle. Preparing our own colors grants us greater control over hue, opacity and texture. It also creates a special intimacy with the work.

We spent the first few years developing color. As we settled into a stable palette, the process became more elaborate; we began incorporating metal inclusion. It became a very alchemical process. At the fusing point, the enamel oxides react not only with the glass, but also with the inclusions. These new variables made for quite a lot of trial and error. But finally, the work turned up the thing that we had been striving for all along; a glass canvas.

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