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  • Yummy Frog Lamp FL366

    More than an assemblage artist, John Richards of Yummy Mud Puddle fame is also a maker of lights. Whimsical lights that light up the night with humor.John was born in 1936 (gosh he looks good for an old man) in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin (where the @%#* is that?). His mother was an artist & his father a writer. Due to circumstances beyond his control, he moved to Chicago IL, Glens Falls NY, Pelham Manor NY & Saint Just Puerto Rico by the time he was ten.

    He received a BA in English from Union College in Schenectady NY & taught English, Spanish & Art for four long years. In 1963 he quit his job, moved to NYC, took various courses at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and began his freelance Art career. He has been creatively unemployed ever since.Currently, his imagination runs wild in Burnsville, NC.

    Sometimes a room needs a little light, and lots of personality. John's lamps will force a smile out of you 'cause they are just so darn much fun. Presented for your amusement, a frog catching dinner lamp. Created with vinyl-ized (is that really a word?) paper over a wire frame. Really a sculpture that happens to light up. U.L. approved lighting fixture. Cord off and on switch. Every sculpture is handmade & therefore unique. I need to get the measurements...

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    Ships for $30, double-boxed for safety, all by himself. We ship with a tracking number so you know it's coming and we know it got there.

  • Woodsilks Dragonflies Large Lamp FL372

    In 1998 Barbara began designing a silk & ceramic sculptural light. Working with ceramic artists, she developed a line of wheel thrown bases for her lighting creations. Working with slab-constructed clay she carves and forms the bases and bodies integrating color and form to go with the painted silk. Thus creating free standing sculptures or winged wall creatures.

    To appeal to a broader audience, Barbara developed a line of painted silk lampshades. In addition to her one-of-a-kind pieces she now offers signed limited edition lamps. Created from an original and printed on pure silk using archival inks, the silk is backed and made into a sturdy form that fits a specifically designed, hand crafted ceramic base. Printed and constructed entirely in her home studio, each lamp employs the same attention to detail as the original.

    The ceramic bases have a UL approved socket and accepts a 9 watt mini fluorescent bulb. The silk can be removed for cleaning and both sides dusted or wiped with a clean damp cloth.

    Dragonflies is a large (28" tall) printed lamp, Edition #20/100.

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    Ships alone for $40 - probably in 2 boxes. One for the base and one for the shade. We ship FedEx with a tracking number and insurance. Does not ship to Canada. Due to the value, this package will require a signature on delivery.

  • Diamond Golf Club Head Lamp RD983 SOLD

    “I don’t play golf, but have handled more golf clubs than most golfers,” grins West Palm Beach artist Jeff Diamond. A dedicated recycler, Diamond re-purposed clubs into art in 2006, when he debuted a bowl welded from re-purposed golf club heads at the Orlando PGA Merchandise Show.

    You can make up your own story. Tell your friends the country club retired your clubs and had them made into a personal trophy of sorts. A tribute to your skills, if you will. Made entirely of cast away clubs and artfully arranged into a tower of club heads. Total height, including the shade is 28". About 10" across the bottom and 10" deep.

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    We have 3 golf head lamps - though not exactly the same for obvious reasons. Honestly - I'm not going to keep up with which lamp has sold. If you need a photo of what we have, please utilize the "Ask a Question" feature on this page. I'll take a photo, and get it to you later in the evening. Update - right now we have only one remaining.

    NOTE: You can decide if you want the shade or if you will find one closer to home. The thing about the shade is that it adds to the shipping cost since it needs to be in a seperate box. So here's the deal - if you want the shade the price is as presented - $159 plus $35 shipping. If you DO NOT want he shade the end price will be $145 plus shipping of $20. I will issue a credit back to your card in the amount of $29. You'll have to trust me, or if you like call the gallery and pay over the phone.

    Shipping to Canada: NO SHADE and will be additional $20 ($55 all together) - and will be charged to card when shipped.
    Any credit will be applied after checkout.

  • Moss Studios Conveyor Chain Lamp RD1164

    Breck Armstrong notes that one of the first things he learned while working with designers is "It is hard to find good lighting!!!" Happily, unique lighting is one of Moss Studio's favorite accents to create, paying special attention to finding and creating the best lamps, sconces, pendants and chandeliers that fit their style. As you can see, they have an eye and the skill to take what amounts to salvage and turn it into decorative, functional art.

    Conveyor Chain Lamp
    Nickel plated conveyor belt chain creates a look of old and new at the same time. Measures 24" to the top of the bulb socket. 19" tall to the top of the belt assembly. Mounted on a base measuring 9" x 7". DOES NOT include a shade. I did take a photo of the lamp wearing a Ugone & Thomas shade so you'd have an idea of what it looks like with a shade. I'm not sure I would choose this one, it's the idea I'm trying to show.

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    Ships all alone for $45. We ship FedEx, with insurance and a tracking number. Signature required on delivery unless you specifically request otherwise.