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The positive feedback received by creating the Just Earrings category inspired me to do the same with the bracelets and cuffs.

If you're just looking for a cuff or bracelet, browse through this category. I've kept most of the artists categories intact with all their respective work in one place for those who have a favorite artist, or who may want to see more by an artist seen here.
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  • Soulstice Bracelet 9" JB701

    For the past seven years Jennifer Salak has combined her love of metal and ceramic beads into making beautiful jewelry. The elements come together in perfect union as one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces. She honors the creative part of herself by allowing the art media to speak to her. This is evident as one takes note of the masterful interplay of color and texture in her fashion pieces.

    The bracelets close with a magnetic closure. Not adjustable. The center design area of the bracelets average 2.25" - 2.5". The beads are a mix of ceramic and metal. The measurement noted is the total length as measured with the bracelet laying flat and measured end to end. The more realistic measurement is acquired by reducing the length by .25" because of the bulk of the leather and beads. It also should be noted these are best tried on for individual comfort.

    The leather on this bracelet is metallic white and metallic light pink.

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  • KML-Rob Lebel Divers Watch w/Fancy Hands & Dial JB707

    I rescue turn of the century American pocket watch movements that are unused or disregarded due to disrepair, restore them, and re-case them as wrist watches to be enjoyed again in a way that modern style prefers. -Rob Lebel

    Rob's product line is currently made up of the Diver, a tribute to the great divers watches of horological past, and the Pilot. The Pilot is a tribute to the early fighter pilot watches used in the first world war. Rob carefully restores and calibrates the pocket watch, leaving the back side under glass so the mechanism can be appreciated. Watch faces average 1.75" diameter. Handmade leather strap is over .75" but not quite 1" wide. This is the sort of accessory you will want to see in person. I'm estimating they will fit wrist sizes 8 to 10".

    Divers watch. I kept the thin plastic protective covering on the watch face which makes it appear like there's a ripple in the glass. There isn't.

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  • Makeshift Cola Cuff - Men's M RJB268

    Owner/Artist Devin Johnson collects the artifacts of everyday life and fashions them into a wearable piece of art. All the work created in his Makeshift Studio is 100% reclaimed materials and 100% upcycled. Most material is salvaged at metal recycling facilities in the Midwest. The rivets are hand forged from scrap copper and aluminum wire. Makeshift is a family run studio based in historic Northfield, Minnesota.

    Cola Cuff - Med
    This is created from asset tags from a soda bottling company in Miami. The edges are finished and affixed to a salvaged brass band with hand forged rivets. Each piece is one of a kind.  I'm going to assume that if you are looking at a cuff, you already have one or two on top of your bathroom counter. I will share the measurement across the cuff - the widest part. So, the measurement across the widest part is 2.5". Compare that to the cuff you have to see if they match. The cuff is 1.5" wide. Devin finishes the edges beautifully so there are no sharp corners or edges. You receive the cuff pictured.

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