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  • Chickenscratch Earrings Songbirds JE3552

    Chickenscratch jewelry is completely handmade by Lisa and Scott Cylinder of mixed metals, plastics, and found objects. Finishes are various and vast; Hand applied patinas, enamels, enamel paints, epoxy resins, silver and gold leaf, silver and gold plate and many more! All work is silver soldered and many pieces have moving elements. The quality, integrity and our unique design sense have been at the highest level for 26 years. Each piece is a small sculpture constructed from many parts. The construction process is inventive, clever and labor intensive. Each is truly a work of art.

    These chatty birds bodies swing freely below their heads! Enamel paint over antiqued brass. With gold filled ear wires. Silver soldered and cold connected. Measures 1.5" long as measured from the center of the earwire curve. The bird is 1" long and .5" wide.

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  • Eclat Island Vacation JE3502

    Sylvi is one of the few artists today who anodizes her own work providing greater artistic freedom and total control over her art. It is an industrial process which involves converting aluminum hydroxide to aluminum oxide, which is a reactive state respondent to coloring agents. The metal is electro-chemically prepared, then dyed and sealed, rendering the color permanent and the metal non-corrosive.

    All products are of anodized aluminum, 100% hand crafted and dyed by the artist. Colors are vibrant and penetrate the metal. Exceptionally lightweight. Ear wires are surgical steel (non-allergenic), the posts are titanium.

    Confidence Alert
    These are a great pair of earrings, suggested only for a woman who secretly enjoys people looking their way.  Please click through the detail images to get an idea of where they fall. Most of the Eclat line boasts asymmetrical earring designs - where one earring may be longer than the other, and most earrings although presenting the same colorway, do not match in design. That's the way they are supposed to be.

    The earrings measure almost 2.75" long measured from the center of the earwire curve. Just over 1" across the widest area of each.
    Earrings are the same length.

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  • JL Merrill Brass/Silver Infinity Quill Earrings JE3538

    "I specialize in mixed metal jewelry and accessories using steel, Argentium silver, sterling silver, brass, bronze and copper. I also make a wide variety of forged, functional steel objects; knives, tools, tables, railings, stools, and hardware. Through forging, fusing, soldering, welding, cutting, drilling and riveting, I create contemporary pieces inspired by ancient designs. Also included in my work are natural elements such as  bones, seeds, stones, feathers and quills as well as elements from found objects such as clock parts and gadgets found on the ground." - Asheville artist Julie Merrill

    Infinity Quill Earrings
    These are another original design, coming from Julie's travels to Africa. Brass with porcupine quill. Approximately 3 1/2″ long, measured from center of ear wire curve; almost 1" wide. Treated with a lacquer.

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  • Konplott ERs Mandala Reversible JE3417

    All pieces of Konplott jewelry are original designs from Miranda Konstantinidou carefully hand manufactured in limited editions. They are produced in the designer's own workshop on the island of Cebu. Materials include the best crystal rhinestones in the world, sparkling most brilliantly in their beautiful colours. Combined with the unexpected. Like opal glass, alabaster glass, hand-painted ceramics, wood, bone. Stone, pebbles, resin, rubber, Perspex, hand-painted carved stones, porcelain. Unique stones from past decades and materials from up to eight different countries are some reasons that every single design is produced in limited quantities. A natural - rather than artificial - exclusivity.

    It's like having 3 pair of earrings in one! How cool is that?! Ingenious design allows you to reverse the colorway by detaching the dangle, reverse it, and reattach by way of a lobster clasp designed into the design. Alternately, you can detach the dangle and have a small post earring. Post part is 1" long. Total length with the dangle attached is 3" long and 1" across the widest area. Oh - you know what? You could also use the bottom part of the earring as a necklace pendant if you had a small link chain.

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